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Paper Press WS ePaper Picture Frame Bookbinding

Luxurio's Website

This is kind of a blog, ordered by subject, of projects I've started and maybe even one day I'll complete one.

[2021/10/03] I think I'm gonna need to overhaul this place... and figure out how to do the sidebar properly...


Pico-8: Bomb-Guy

(Done around 2021-02-20-ish)
First game I've made, a Bomberman clone, using Pico 8, as a project to learn how Pico-8 works and is my first proper introduction to coding in general
Bomb-Guy (Pico 8)
I've also put it up on itch.io with some more thoughts and my process for making it, here.

Pico-8: GPIO accessing

(Started around 2021-02)
After finding out that Pico-8 can actually communicate outside of itself, however limited, I wanted to work on that. These four tests I've made were just quick things to see how the virtual GPIO pins worked from Pico-8's side. I've not yet gotten to the point of figuring out the Javascript for it though.

Electronics Projects

Ternary Logic

Physical Projects

Paper Press

3D printed press to make blocks from paper pulp.

Waveshare ePaper Picture Frame

A picture frame I made my mum as a christmas present in 2020. The first time I had to figure out Python.

Small Projects & Others

Bookbinding - making simple notebooks with only paper and thread for the moment. Glue seems messy...



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Glass Fusing