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Paper Press WS eInk Picture Frame

Paper Press Project:

Started this early 2020 when I saw a video by xyzAiden about creating papier-mache objects using 3D printed moulds and clamps.

My approach was a simpler one by not using clamps, but just pressing down the mould manually before removing and allowing to dry on a rack. I've made around four or five moulds and produced a few dozen pieces, though none exactly 'functional'. I've not worked on this since about April-May due to an unrelated problem with my blender which I've not replaced or fixed...

Whilst I imagine mine are faster/easier to produce, I believe xyzAiden's would be sturdier. I think to create generally useful objects, it would be best to coat it with a water resistant material, a bio-degradeable one.

I intend to add photos a bit later.